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Barrier Free Showers

Barrier-free showers are low or no curb showers that make it easier for people who have reduced balance and mobility to get in and out of.   A barrier free shower from Home Solutions USA enables users with limited mobility to more easily step into or walk over the shower threshold with minimal effort.


Low Barrier ShowerLow curb barrier free showers typically have a threshold that is no higher than 2 ½”. When considering that the average bathtub step-over height is 15” and the threshold of a conventional shower is 6”, it is obvious to see how much safer and more accessible a barrier free shower can be.





No Barrier ShowerNo curb barrier free showers have no threshold whatsoever and allow for a seamless transition from the bathroom floor to the shower floor. Obviously, given the name, this type of shower is ideally suited for users in a wheelchair who need to be able to effortlessly enter and exit the shower area.



The Independence of a barrier free shower

A barrier-free shower from Home Solutions USA can be the difference between feeling helpless and being independent.  Someone who might need some help in the bathroom will feel better overall by eliminating any challenges with the installation of a barrier free shower.

At Home Solutions USA we create the independence and safety that we all want in the bathroom.