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Walk in Tubs

Walk-in Bath-closedAt Home Solutions USA we recognize the unique challenges that seniors and disabled individuals may encounter in bathing can make remaining at home an unsafe option.  Rising from the floor of a typical bathtub can be trying for individuals with mobility impairments.  Even with grab bars installed in the bath area, rising from the floor involves a great deal of upper body strength to boost oneself up and out of the bathtub.  This is where walk in tubs make all the difference.

Walk in tubs have become very popular as the US population grows older because they allow individuals to enjoy the pleasures of independent bathing without putting safety at risk. Their low step threshold and a seat dramatically reduce the risk of falling. Some walk-in tubs are even wheelchair accessible, enabling the person to slide from the wheelchair to the tub seat and back without any assistance.  Here are some of the benefits to having a walk in tub installed by Home Solutions USA.
Whole bathroom - Walk-in Tub

  • Walk in tubs utilize easy-to-operate doors which are constructed into the side of the bathtub. This design eliminates the need to step up and over the tall side of the typical bathtub. The doors also diminish any risk of stumbling or slipping on the floor when departing the bathtub.
  • Walk in tubs have seats built in, so little upper body strength is called for. This reduces the chance of being stranded in the bath and not being able to get out.
  • Walk in tubs with an anti-scald valve built-in reduce the hot temperature of the water entering the bath tub, doing away with the worry of scalding.
  • Walk in tubs have conveniently located faucets, door latch, and drain mechanism to help eliminate muscle sprains from over-reaching, as well as maintaining overall balance.

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